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IIOT Tantra Massage, Therapy &

Psychoanalytic Sexology

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Certified Professional Tantra Massage Practitioner Training

World's First Non - Sexual Sacred Sexuality Self Development Tantra Program 


Start your own tantra business  or add the modalities to your own healing practice. 


Now offering the opportunity to train in IIOT session 1,2 & 3 in Melbourne Australia. 


 Training 2018


Cost: $1,200pp for Session 1, 2 & 3 training 


Includes Full extensive Manual

After Care Support for assistance with Tantra Therapy with Clients.

 Certificate of Attainment

IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover options for Tantra Practice. 











Single Day Trainings can be booked by arrangement

Full three level intensives can be booked by arrangement

Or join into a group training    


Duration: Intensive Training program over 4 Days in level 1, 2 and 3 of the International Institute of Tantra Massage Program. 

This course will enable you to practice as an IIOT Tantra Practitioner conducting sessions 1-3. The Training is professional and exciting, and will open up a new world for your clients and yourself.


INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TANTRA is a global initiative to bring together all facets of Tantra and make it accessible to the everyday person, this training can be incorporated into any massage, bodywork or dance movement instruction as well as offering the Institute of Tantra Sessions.

Tantra is a growing industry, and you would be a part of a greater movement whereby you will be a sacred teacher, God/dess, instructor and guide to improve one of the most important facets of a person’s life, their sexuality.

You will be learning, Tantric theory, philosophy and principles, how to distinguish disharmony in Chakras and Sexual energy, as well as dynamic body movements, the rise and fall of sexual energy, ejaculation controlling techniques, and full body bliss experiences.

Because the International Institute of Tantra - Massage Method is a specialised program, you will be able to book your prospective clients in for more than one session as they progress through the levels. Level 1, 2 and 3 will cost clients between $450 and $550. Meaning, with only 3 clients, you will be able to recuperate the cost of the course, this can often be accomplished in the first few weeks, sometimes in the first week depending on your location.

This Course is intensive. There will be many areas of Sacred Sexuality that will be covered. You will be able to learn both the theory and the practical aspects to this bodywork and be able to operate as a practitioner immediately on return to your town or city.  

The added benefit that this course provides, is its Non-Sexual Nature. Due to the strict Laws governing Prostitution this Course will enable you to open your own private practice and work anywhere, including Day Spas, Clinics, Natural Therapy Centres and your own home. You will be able to teach clients Tantra, and understand certain facets of Sacred Sexuality that will enable you to guide your clients into a sacred space of conscious loving.

International Institute of Tantra was the first of its kind to be presented to the Scientific Community of the 18th World Congress of Sexology in 2007. Statistical Research was conducted on the Benefits of the Institute of Tantra Massage Program and found that there was over an 80% success rate in improving many areas of sexuality. Due to this element of professionalism, most clients are referred to an International Institute of Tantra Practitioner by a Doctor, counsellor, psychologist, therapist and other holistic therapies to enable clients to learn and experience certain facets of sexuality and understand their bodies, learn new methods and techniques and other personal matters to assist them in their healing. 

The Australian Association of Massage Therapists Limited (AAMT) is the peak representative body for massage therapists in Australia formed after the consolidation of five major massage Associations across Australia.  Institute of Tantra Massage is the first Tantra Massage in Australia to enter into this Associations Journal to educate the Massage Therapy Industry of the benefits, power and professionalism of institute of Tantra Massage.  To view the amazing article which was also the Front Cover of the Issue of the Australia Association of Massage Therapists CLICK THE LINK BELOW




Institute of Tantra is also the first Tantra Program to be endorsed by a Professional Association, IASECT. The International Association of Sexual Educators, Counsellors and Therapists is a professional body which was formed to inform the international community of educating professionals and the public about human sexuality and behavior and to support the positive integration of sexuality into individuals lives.

This course will enable you to receive Professional Membership with the International Association of Sexual Educators, Counsellors and Therapists. 

As well as the Option of Insurance Cover through AON

You will be able to promote yourself in any advertising media.  


The Training Covers :

 4 days of intensive practical and theoretical training.

Course Materials - Extensive Manual   

 Information on what is needed to set up a temple space

Phone and Booking Information and Assistance

Assistance with Business Management and promotion of your new business.


This is a fascinating and fast growing industry so we hope to see you at the next training!  Please feel free to call us for more information.









Cost: $1,200pp for Session 1, 2 & 3 training 



Includes Full extensive Manual

After Care Support for assistance with Tantra Therapy with Clients.

 Certificate of Attainment

IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover options for Tantra Practice. 


IIOT Tantra Massage, Therapy &

Psychoanalytic Sexology

Level 1, 2 & 3 - Professional Practitioner Training - $1200

Level 1 only - 1 Day - $480

Level 2 only - 1 Day - $480

Level 3 only - 1 Day - $480


Founder & Teacher Trainer of The International Institute of Tantra

Jaida Simone

Plus her team of Co-Facilitators

Jaida Simone is a Neuro-Bio-Psychotherapist, Author, TEDx speaker, Teacher & NeuroSexologist. Her years of working as a coach, teacher and mentor has allowed her to thread through many schools of thought & gained insight into the optimal state in our lives and in our relationships. There is no cookie cutter approach to health, healing, biohacking, therapy, education or relationships but rather a unique, individual stride up the spectrum of Wisdom and intelligence. 

Jaida is here to show the world that a new evolution in Human Development is beginning.

Intelligence based, advanced bio-psycho Relationships where our socially conditioned concept of ‘love’ is challenged and the new frontier of our brains taking the drivers seat is beginning. Relationship breakdowns are one of the leading causes in the epidemic of Depression and anxiety: lets get back into the drivers seat of our own lives and engineer our optimal Self. Neuroscience is the next level of consciousness, and being able to correlate Neuroscience and spirituality is the next paradigm of sexual evolution. 

Tantra is an essential Hack into your optimal self. understanding the way in which this energy moves, flows and circulates is a peak performance trait. Enabling Centuries old techniques into modern body technology will enable the functional engineering of the body.  Tantra enables the Symbiotic Flow State to activate and is similar to self actualisation and peak experience as described by Abraham Maslow.    

The Tantra Spectrum includes Reverse Engineering, BioEnergetics, Intimacy Design, Neuro-Synchronicity (Brain coupling) and Symbiotic Flow states allowing one to move up the Spectrum to reach the highest level of Relational Connection & Consciousness – The Plateau Experience or aka Self Transcendence.  


La Trobe University: B.A (Philosophy) Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences. 

BLitt: (Philosophy) with P. Bilimoria (research fellow at the Oxford centre for Hindu studies, and faculty at Berkley) at Deakin University 

M.A: with P. Weerakoon at University of NSW: Masters of Sexual Health. 

PhD - Eastern Philosophical principles into Western Clinical Practice. 

Behavioural NeuroScience: University of Chicago

Applied NeuroBiology: University of Peking

Neuroscience Academy: Cert in Applied Neuroscience 

Founder and Creator of Numerous modalities including Erotic IQ, The Shadow Walk, and Project Plateau. Presented at the 1st World Congress of Sexology and the 18th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health. Avid teacher of alternative methods of Intimacy for couples through the International Institute of Tantra and Psychoanalytic Sexology. Past president of the International Association for Sexual educators, counsellors and therapists. 

Member of IASECT, International Positive Psychology Association, Executive Member: International Institute for Complimentary Therapies, American College of Sexologists and the Neuroscience Academy. 

Spoken at TEDxMelbourne and a second Tedx in 2019 as well as The International Brain Congress and Many Many Workshops, practitioner Trainings and retreats.  

She has a private Clinic in Melbourne Australia. 

All Sessions are in Complete Privacy and everything discussed within a session is Confidential and Remains only within the establishment.

No information will be disclosed to a third party. 

AUSTRALIA: These sessions are of a therapeutic nature and do not offer Erotic Services.

Please DO NOT Ask as refusal often offends.

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