International Institute of Tantra

Try Level 1 & Explore Your Options 

It is important to go through the levels as designed by the International Institute of Tantra to fully benefit fully from the program. Tantra is not a simple thing to learn and this 3 level process by the IIOT is a great stepping stone to exploring your own sexual tantric potential. 

The process was Presented to the World Congress of Sexology in 2007 with an 83% success rate in many different areas of sexual practice and sexual dysfunction. Unlike other Tantra offerings out there - this is not a woohoo or an erotic happy ending experience - it is a safe container to explore your inner workings, energetic potential as well as your shadow element around your sexuality and focus on the growth, development and expansion of your sexual self. 

Experience this Today. 

Scientifically Proven To Work in Many Areas of your Life

Level 1. Tantra Chakras - Diagnostic & Shadow


Level 1 is a full body massage covering the bodies 7 energy centres, working through their blockages and any issues that you have within them that prevent you from reaching states of bliss that tantra is known for. Clearing these is essential.. 




90 minutes

Level 2. Tantra Pranayama - BioEnergetics


Level 2 is a full body massage going through the 7 most important breaths of Tantra. How they work with the different sexual postures and position of Tantra and how to work that in with the body dynamics of Sexual union... 




90 Minutes

Level 3.  Temple Massage : Surrender


Level 3 is a sensual body to body session allowing you to feel your soft surrender. A letting go and submission to the Goddess in this body to body beautiful temple massage.. Putting into practice session 1 and 2




90 minutes


COUPLES .... Instructional Sessions


Our couples sessions are designed to allow you both the maximum amount of connection with one another. We as practitioners are guiding you both on what to do with one another rather than massaging you both for individual experiences. You are guided on the strokes and techniques of the different levels and you will learn great skills to take this away with you into your private lives.. this is a beautiful alternative to couples counselling... or a great way to enhance your relationshop..



Advanced sessions will be discussed after the initial level 1, 2 and 3 program is completed.