Utilising Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Spirituality & Energetic Bodywork. 

Tantra Practitioner Training - Melbourne Australia
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International Institute of Tantra 

The Sacred and Spiritual Bodywork -

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3 Level Tantra Massage Program for intimacy, Desire and learning to be a better lover. 

Take an Fresh New look into your Sexual Potential

Learn new skills, upgrade your methods, get to higher levels, understand your neurobiology, rewire your brain, learn Energetic Flow hacks and more within this program designed by one of the most unique Sexologists and Tantra Educator in the world with over 15 years working with clients and an ability to intertwine Academia, Spirituality and Neuroscience.


Become an accredited Therapist. Training in Australia and U.K

The Benefits of IIOT Tantra Bodywork & Therapy

Tantra is not a simple thing to learn and this 3 level process by the IIOT is a great stepping stone to exploring your own sexual tantric potential. 



Studied for over a 2 year period, and researched with clients coming into the temple over the 24 month period - hundreds of clients were tested and questioned and the results were compiled. in 2007, Presented to the World Congress of Sexology proving an 83% success rate in many different areas of sexual practice and sexual dysfunction. Unlike other Tantra offerings out there - this is not a woohoo or an erotic happy ending experience - it is a safe container to explore your inner workings, energetic potential as well as your shadow element around your sexuality and focuses on the growth, development and expansion of your sexual self. If utilised as a therapy, a genuine need to work through an issue, mindset, physical psychosomatic disorder - this program is worth a go. 

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And Featured in Numerous publications & Mainstream Television

Wellbeing Magazine
Live on the Edge of Ecstacy
Living Now
Improve your capabilities
Enhance the Beauty of Sex
Wellbeing Magazine
Live on the Edge of Ecstacy
Living Now
Improve your capabilities
Enhance the Beauty of Sex
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All Sessions are in Complete Privacy and everything discussed within a session is Confidential and Remains only within the establishment.

No information will be disclosed to a third party. 

AUSTRALIA: These sessions are of a therapeutic nature and do not offer Erotic Services.

Please DO NOT Ask as refusal often offends.

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